Saturday, 21 January 2017

Up the River Hull. 3. Sutton Bridge to Kingswood

There was no wind today, the wind turbine at Croda was still, and it was overcast, but mild. Today's stage was quite short, almost a stroll (2 km each way), starting at Sutton Bridge. It is the last stage inside the City of Hull, and there is a long distance to the next bridge at Weel, near Beverley. The river bank is mainly clay covered on grass, with some sections supported by wooden beams, some in need of repair. The river was quite high, almost high tide.
 The river natural meandering is preserved in this section and  most of the right bank is fringed by reedbed, with some long gaps on the left bank. A few willow trees grow on the banks too. This is an area of housing estates with a few playing fields in the floodplain, one of them was being developed today, just north of Ennerdale Sports Centre. Near a small plantation, I watched a Great Tit almost dive to the brambles from a tree. This made sense when I saw a Sparrowhawk patrolling over the trees. The reservoir at Bransholme had many gulls, Black-headed, Common and Herring, some Shoveler and Mallard, a few Coots and one Pochard.
 The first Great Woodpecker of the year drummed near Haworth Hall, a stately home build on the right bank on wooded grounds. A rabbit hid on the long grass at the side of the bank. I walked to the blue twin bridge on Kingswood and turned round to walk back to Sutton Bridge. A man was kayaking on the calm river (top).
From Sutton Bridge looking north.
Sutton Bridge.
A Moorhen by the reeds.
Haworth Hall.
The twin bridge carrying the A1033 road.
The view from the twin bridge, looking South.
The riverbank sign with the new signage welcoming to Hull, City of Culture.

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Bird List
  1. Black-headed Gull 
  2. Blackbird 
  3. Blue Tit 
  4. Bullfinch 
  5. Carrion Crow 
  6. Collared Dove 
  7. Common Gull 
  8. Coot 
  9. Cormorant 
  10. Dunnock 
  11. Gadwall 
  12. Goldfinch 
  13. Great Spotted Woodpecker 
  14. Great Tit 
  15. Greenfinch 
  16. Herring Gull 
  17. House Sparrow 
  18. Magpie 
  19. Mallard 
  20. Moorhen 
  21. Pochard 
  22. Robin 
  23. Feral Pigeon 
  24. Shoveler 
  25. Song Thrush 
  26. Sparrowhawk 
  27. Starling 
  28. Tufted Duck 
  29. Woodpigeon 
  30. Wren
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