Walking the River Hull

I have set myself a challenge for 2017, which involves walking the length of the River Hull in small half-day stages at a leisurely pace. I will be blogging about this in the Wild at Hull blog, but I have put here the links to each of the stages posts. I will also be doing km square bird lists with breeding evidence and adding this to BirdTrack and sending other records to iRecord. Some km square are not covered at all (mostly because they are quite remote and not at nature reserves or near villages).

Stage 1. Mouth of the Hull: The Deep to Air Street. TA1028, TA1029, TA1030, TA0930. 14th January 2017. 3.77 km (each way).

Stage 2. Air Street to Sutton Bridge (via Stoneferry Bridge and Oak Rd Lake and Playing fields (TA0930, TA1031,TA0931,TA0932,TA0832). 4.27 km (each way).

Stage 3. Sutton Bridge to Kingswood: TA0833, TA0834. 2.55 km (each way).

Stage 4. Kingswood to Wawne: TA0834, TA0734, TA0735, TA0835, TA0836. 8th March. 4.49 (each way)

Stage 5. Thearne. TA0736, TA0737, TA0637. 11th March. 4.72 (circular).

Stage 6. Figham Common. TA0638, TA0639. 25th March. 5 km (circular)

Stage 7. Weel and Grovehill. TA0539. April 9th. 1.3 km (each way)

Stage 8. Swinemoor: TA0540, TA0541. April 23rd. 3.86 km (circular).

Stage 9. Tickton to Leven Canal (with Pulfin Bog and High Eske): TA0542,TA0543, TA0544. 8th May. ca. 4.00 km (each way).

Stage 10. Leven Canal to Baswick Landing: TA04M,TA04T 22nd May. 4.22 km (each way).

Stage 11. Baswick Landing to Hempholme Lock: TA0747, TA0748, TA0749. 7th June. 4.79 km (one way).

Stage 12. The straightened Hull New Cut to Emmotland: TA0750, TA0751, TA0851, 12th June. 5 km (circular).

Stage 13. Brigham and North Frodingham Beck TA05R. 3rd September (3.7 km one way).

Stage 14. Skerne Wetlands. TA05S July. 2.23 km round trip. 20th September.

Stage 15.  Snakeholm Pastures and Wansford. TA05S. 5.81 km round trip. 9th October.

Stage 16. Wansford to Whinhill Farm: TA05T. 4 km each way. 23rd October.

Stage 17. Whinhill Farm to River Head and Bells Mills. TA05N-TA05I. 20th November. About 4.0 km round trip.

Stage 18. The Headwaters. Elsmwell Beck (SE 998581) SE95Z. No public access.
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