Monday, 23 January 2017

South Landing and Bridlington Harbour

I had a quick hour at South Landing as it was a bit quiet and the tide quite high, so I couldn't walk along the shore much. It was sunny and sheltered, very pleasant at the landing, however, the winter storm a couple of weeks ago have made it more difficult to walk east from the landing, as there are many loose boulders, and there wasn't exposed rock, so I couldn't pay a visit to the Fulmar pairs. I had a Curlew and a Oystercatcher, and a small flock of Ringed Plovers with a Purple Sandpiper. Three Stock Doves seem to be in disagreement about a territory. Unfortunately I had to miss on the chance to see a Woodcock, as I met the old couple that live nearby and know where they all are as I was leaving. Apparently only one has been seen near the bottom of the gully.
 I moved onto Bridlington Harbour, and then to South Beach. The best was a group of Sanderling (7) and Turnstones which scavenged on discarded cod (top shot). Quite a few Purple Sandpipers about too.
Ringed Plovers
Ringed Plover
Cormorant in summer plumage
Bridlington Harbour
Great Black-backed gull
A pair of Herring Gulls at the end of the long call.
Purple Sandpipers roosting on North beach wall.
Purple Sandpiper in action.
Herring Gull
A large group of Redshank with Dunlin roost during the high tide outside the harbour wall.
Sculpture of sawing girl with the Flamborough Headland on the distance.
An information panel of the Bridlington Maritime trail.
The resident Barnacle Goose.
Common Gull on S Beach.
Turnstone feeding on cod remains.
The carcass is taken over by a young Great black back gull and attending Black-headed gull.
Sanderling on the run.
another sanderling on the run.
Bridlington from the S beach.
Cormorants on post.

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