Monday, 16 January 2017

Up the River Hull. 2. Air Street to Sutton Bridge

I walked from home to the river by Wilmington Bridge to start the second stage up the River Hull. It was midday and the rain had stopped, although it was cloudy, dark, and damp, drizzling at times. I wasn't looking forward to the first section of this stage, as it was through industrial states, abandoned buildings and silos on roads with barely a pavement, which are not frequented by pedestrians to say the least.
To cheer me up two Redshank flew up from the river mud by Wilmington Bridge, and kept on calling for a while.
Redshank calling.
I power walked though Bankside and Innovation drive, the river only visible from shop car parks.
'Reckitt's' chimney in the background.
 I was somewhat relieved to see the big roundabout and the twin Ferrylane Bridges at the end of Clough Road.
Ferrylane Bridges
 I had planned to walk on the Wilberforce Way, as a section of this path runs by the east bank of the river. But at Ferrylane Bridges I realised there is also footpath on the west bank, which I preferred, as it goes by Oak Road playing fields, and so I descended the steps onto it. The path, although narrow, seemed quite used, which encouraged me to carry on despite it being on slippery grassy banks with the occasional gully to cross.
The path was quite narrow at times, sandwiched by the muddy banks of the river and more brownfield sites, a scrapyard and industrial estate.
A wall covered in graffiti, some quite beautiful appeared on the opposite bank.
I could see the wind turbine by Oak Road and eventually the path became wider and safer. A nice patch of Sea Aster grew on the bank and the first patch of reedbed appeared.
A Reed Bunting on a fence.
I was surprised to see this cormorant high up on an electricity pylon.
From then on, the river meanders flanked by grassy banks, with the occasional tethered horse.
Oak Road turbine and the first patch of reedbed.
I walked around the familiar Oak Road Lake. Other than a male Pheasant, there was little to report.
The fishing lake at Oak Road Playing fields. 
A Blackbird hunting on the soft, wet ground.
Common Gull dancing for worms.
Tethered horse.
Crow by the river.
A view of the playing fields.
Singing Song Thrush.
Sutton Bridge, the end of the stage.  
Today's route, about 4.5 km.

Bird List
  1. Redshank 
  2. Carrion Crow 
  3. Black-headed Gull 
  4. Woodpigeon 
  5. Starling 
  6. Rock Dove 
  7. (Feral Pigeon) 
  8. Robin 
  9. House Sparrow 
  10. Herring Gull 
  11. Common Gull 
  12. Collared Dove 
  13. Blackbird 
  14. Wren 
  15. Reed Bunting 
  16. Moorhen 
  17. Mallard 
  18. Magpie 
  19. Blue Tit 
  20. Tufted Duck 
  21. Song Thrush 
  22. Pheasant 
  23. Jackdaw 
  24. Greenfinch 
  25. Great Tit 
  26. Goldfinch 
  27. Dunnock 
  28. Cormorant 
  29. Coot 
  30. Chaffinch 
  31. Bullfinch 
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