Sunday, 11 March 2012

Early spring in Noddle Hill nature reserve

We had a quick trip to Noddle Hill. The weather was beautiful, blue skies and amazingly mild for March. Some of the willows were flowering and these were busy with bees, bumblebee queens, hoverflies and even a Small Tortoishell fed on the bloom. We got superb views of the very tame Reed Buntings, which obviously regularly use the bird feeders scattered around the reserve. Some ponds had been dug out and a little pond covered on reeds was looking fantastic. A great day out, next time must bring a picnic and some bird seed.
 The pond from Reed Bunting view
 Colt's Foot
 Small Tortoiseshell on willow catkins
 Bombus terrestris

Bombus hypnorum
Bombus hypnorum
B. terrestris
B. lapidarius

Bird list
  1. Blackbird
  2. Carrion Crow
  3. Dunnock
  4. Greylag Goose
  5. Magpie, 8
  6. Moorhen
  7. Skylark
  8. Woodpigeon
  9. Blue Tit
  10. Coot, 1
  11. Great Tit
  12. Linnet
  13. Mallard
  14. Reed Bunting
  15. Starling
  16. Wren
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