Monday, 19 March 2012

Wildlife Watching at the Pearson Park Wildlife Garden

We spend the aftenoon in the Wildlife garden with the Hull Wildlife Watch group. Sunny, if a bit chilly, the kids planted wheat seeds and hyacinths and played the migration game. There was plenty of wildlife to watch too. A pair of confiding robins were around us all the time, one of them peeping softly to the other regularly as a contact note. The male robin also sung on an off from the hazels. A blackbird joined him at some point too.
 A queen bumblebee (top photo) fed on the blackthorn blossom and a male hairy footed flower bee, Anthophora plumipes on the rosemary.
  There were also plenty of wildflowers, Speedwell,  Lesser Celandine, Daffodils and Red Dead Nettle, with the Snowdrops now gone.
Lesser Celandine
Red Dead Nettle
The pond was busy too. Amongst the carpet of frogspawn, a lone male kept calling. The newts are still in the water and I also saw a pair of mating water boatmen (boatpeople?).
 Calling male frog
Water Boatman
 A dried thistle flowehead
 The prepared bed for the "bake your lawn" wheat
 The fresh leaves of hazel
 Sunbathing ladybirds
 A centipede we found on the leaf litter
 The finishing touches after planting the wheat, a nice willow fence
A duck egg, maybe predated by a fox?

A wonderful afternoon in the wildlife garden enjoyed by everybody!

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