Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Visit to Tophill Low

 We went on a trip to Tophill Low in the morning. Even before coming out of the car in the car park we had about to 15 bird species, as flocks of finches, a a partridge, a pheasant and a lot of singing birds, greeted us on arrival. A Great Spotted Woodpecker also drummed near the car park. From the visitor centre feeding station we watched a Male Sparrowhawk, which sat opposite low on the hedge for over 20 minutes and gave us great views (not so great photos). The pond next to the visitor centre was frozen.
Male Sparrowhawk
Flock of Goldfinches
 We watched the 'D' reservoir over the hide. I should have brought the telescope as many birds were quite distant, but we saw Goldeneye, Wigeon, Pochard, Coot and three Mute Swans. Flocks of greylags landed on the reservoir. A pair of Peregrines glided high over the reservoir.
A tour of the hides on the East Marsh and a peek on the 'O' resevoir were not very productive as the sun glared into our eyes and the views were too distant.
Female Dufted Duck

For a map of the reserve click here.

Bird list
1.     Blackbird
2.     Blue Tit
3.     Carrion Crow
4.     Chaffinch
5.     Coal Tit, singing
6.     Collared Dove
7.     Common Gull
8.     Coot
9.     Cormorant
10. Dunnock
11. Feral Pigeon
12. Gadwall
13. Goldeneye, 'D' reservoir
14. Goldfinch
15. Great Spotted Woodpecker
16. Great Tit, singing
17. Greenfinch
18. Greylag Goose
19. Herring Gull
20. Jackdaw
21. Long-tailed Tit
22. Magpie
23. Mallard
24. Moorhen
25. Mute Swan
26. Peregrine, pair 'D' reservoir.
27. Pheasant
28. Pochard
29. Red-legged Partridge, approach road
30. Robin, singing
31. Rook
32. Shelduck
33. Sparrowhawk, male, FS
34. Tufted Duck
35. Wigeon
36. Woodpigeon
37. Wren (up to here in Tophill Low).
38. Kestrel (near roundabout to Dunswell)
39. Black-headed gull
40. Starling (Hull)
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