Saturday, 11 February 2012

Arctic Pearson Park

It was freezing cold all day yesterday and I headed to Pearson Park on the hope of finding some winter thrushes.
 I popped to the Wildlife garden and before long I spotted a Redwing feeding on the ground under some hazels. 
 The tracks of a hopping squirrel were nicely marked on the pristine snow.
 The pond was completely frozen over
A Female Chaffinch
Moorhen feeding
 Despite the cold, spring is on its way and song was in the air. Robin singing...
 ...and a Stock Dove singing from the cypress near the conservatory.
This pair of Greylag geese allowed me some close approximation. Also photo on top.
The female was preening and showed off the patterned feathers of her neck.
I was watching a Blackbird feeding when I noticed something tiny moving fast on the background. It was a House Wood Mouse, darting back and forth to a place where food is regularly put out for the birds. Can you see it?
I managed to get quite close to the mouse.

UPDATE: WABber Wild-Woman confirmed it was a Wood Mouse.
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