Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Swinemoor with Hull Nats

A beautiful, still and mild evening put an end to the Arctic wind we have been putting up with in the last week. I revisited Swinemoor Common in the Tuesday night field meeting of Hull Nats. We walked around the common going south by Beverley and Barmston drain and then following the river upstream.
We started by admiring the horses galloping alongside the river bank.
Andrew spotted a pair of Grey Partridge feeding close to us, the first time any of us sees this species there.
One of the two Yellow Wagtails we saw. 
A Lapwing with 5 young chicks. They were very busy chasing crows and jackdaws away (top shot), and also an unfortunate Little Ringed Plover that dare approach the chicks. 
The shadows of Hull Nats members observing Lapwing chicks through Andrew's telescope. 
Male Lapwing in the wet pasture. 
We were hoping to watch Snipe drumming. Instead, we were treated to the sight of 16 local Snipe joining in a flight (a wisp of Snipe that is) around the common.
Plenty of Swifts and Swallows about, and this is what they are after following the river, drains and other wet areas during their migration, clouds of midges gathering over Beverley and Barmston Drain. 
The only Domestic Geese left. 
The trip finished with a beautiful sunset over Beverley.
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