Saturday, 25 March 2017

Up the River Hull. 6. Figham Common

A mild, sunny afternoon, I started today's stage in Woodmansey, where a public footpath joins the southern end of Figham Common. The river bends west, hugging the old common land laying on the SE of Beverley. Historically, the common has been very low laying, waterlogged ground despite repeated draining attempts since medieval times. Today three large drains cross it, but only the western side of the common, which is drier, is suitable as pasture land, while the eastern side by the river is marshy, with rushes and temporary pools or boggy terrain all year round. There are quite a few scattered trees, old willows, hawthorns and just a patch of reed bed by the river near the lock at Beverley Beck.
 As I reach the river I watch a tractor tilling a field on the other bank followed by a retinue of birds: Carrion Crows, Jackdaws, Lesser Black-backed Gulls, Herring Gulls, Common gulls, Woodpigeons, Stock Doves, a few Lapwing and two Oystercatchers. A Skylark sings above.
In the middle of a field further ahead, two Grey Herons sit still like scarecrows, and two Hares further away feed on the grass. A pair of Greylag dozes on the bank opposite.
I make the walk into a circular route, returning by the Beverley and Barmston Drain towards Woodmansey after reaching the lock at Beverley Beck. You can see the route in the Wild at Hull map on the right.
Entrance to the common from Woodmansey.
As I enter the common a Small Tortoiseshell flutters and settles on the grass. Later, a peacock flies by.
Two Little Egrets fly over the river. 
Female Kestrel. 
Beverley and Barmston Drain, from Figham Bridge. 
Tractor followed by birds. 
View of the river, looking downstream from the S end of Figham. 
Waterlogged ground and trees. Blackthorn in bloom.

Old elder (a bit redundant wording!)
View of the common from the river bank.
River, bank and common. 
Arriving at the lock of Beverley Beck. 
Beverley Beck lock.
A pair of swans on the drain.

More Information
Archaeological Survey of Figham common. here.
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