Sunday, 12 March 2017

Red Kite Roost

A calm, sunny Sunday evening, I decide it's a good opportunity for add Red Kite to my year list and try and catch some pre-roost activity. The area between Warter and Nunburnholme on the Yorkshire Wolds is known for holding a Red Kite roost, a fantastic spectacle. In a short stroll from Warter, on a flooded field, there are Teal, Gadwall, Mallard and a pair of Greylags. A Jay flies across the valley to a small wood. A Mistle Thrush sings from a lone tree by the road, and a Marsh Tit from the woods. 
 From a high vantage point on a lay by on the road, there are raptors all round, at least 8 Red Kites, 4 Buzzards and a pair of Kestrels. This is a great spot, overlooking the rolling wolds, unusually wooded for East Yorkshire.
Cock Pheasant on tree. There was an incredibly high density of Pheasants in the area. 
This is one of the most beautifully marked Buzzards I've ever seen. Pity the photo is a bit distant.
Kestrel joins in the soaring of the thermal. 
Red Kite. 
Red Kite and Jackdaw 
Flooded field. 
Drake Gadwall.
Buzzards soaring. 
One of the Red Kites settled on a tree. 
And several Buzzards were also getting ready to roost. 

Two of the Red Kites soar together. 
On the way back, we spot at least two Little Owls getting ready to start hunting at dusk. 

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