Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Flooded Snuff Mill Lane

I had a walk at Snuff Mill Lane in the morning. I am glad I took my wellies, as the site was quite wet, the ditches full, paths muddy and scrapes flooded, but it was a very mild, sunny day. As I entered the site, I flushed a Kestrel, which settled again not far away on a hawthorn. The Kestrel watched the meadow intently from a hawthorn. It eventually went to the ground, but disappeared from sight, and then I noticed that a doe Roe Deer was resting on the meadow. She spotted me and stood up, watching me with curiosity (top shot).
 I carried on. Chaffinches were in full song, and Bullfinches called their mournful notes from the Hawthorns. I heard the calls of distant geese flying, Pinkfeet! a neat skein, 50 strong passed overhead. Spring is definitely on its way!
Female Kestrel. 
Flooded meadows. 
Pink-footed geese. 
A flooded ditch. 
A view of a meadow. 
A pair of Mallards feeding on a flooded meadow.
A pair of Pied Wagtails. 
Carrion Crow mobbing Sparrowhawk.
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