Monday, 13 February 2017

Fierce seas at Filey

A cold, and mostly cloudy day with strong easterly wind at Filey. We walked the exposed beach and rocky shores to the Brigg with leaky wellies, rock-pooling and birdwatching along the way. It was low tide and a group of Herring Gulls, a Curlew a couple of Redshank and a few Turnstones fed on the sandy beach.
The waves were breaking on the Brigg, squadrons of Gannets steadily passing south, low over the water with the occasional Fulmar and Guillemot. A few Shags were fishing very close to the rocks, where a mixed flock of Knot, Purple Sandpipers and Oystercatchers had to rush from the breaking waves every now and then.
This Redshank looked particularly handsome.
Common cockle, Cerastoderma edule.
Common Hermit Crab, Pagurus bernhardus
This Turnstone was checking underside seaweed. 
Common periwinkle, Littorina littorea
Beadlet Anemone, Actinia equina
Rough periwinkle, Littorina saxatilis.

Sea Foam at the Brigg. 
Flat periwinkle, Littorina obtusata 
Blue-rayed limpet, Helcion pellucidum on kelp.
Breaking waves on a sunny spell. 
Rock Pipit. 
Fulmar calling. 
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