Monday, 29 August 2016

Spurn trip: Day 2. Walk to the point

The highlight of our trip to Spurn was the walk to the point and back. This 15 km round trip was greatly aided by the weather, sunny, warm and with a light breeze, which was much appreciated, as out of the breeze it was really hot. We started at the B&B, which made the walk a bit longer, but it was nice not to have to drive at all. 
We started the walk at 9:30, with a young robin sunbathing and yawning.
By the Crown and Anchor we watched a couple of Turnstones. 
Crickets and grasshoppers were singing. I still need to identify this one.
Just after the Warren, we saw a Brown Argus...
...and the Unimog taking people to the lighthouse.
This is the area occasionally breached at high tide, the narrows, looking north. Most of the way to the point was at the low tide, with expansive horizons of exposed sandy beach.
Roe Deer prints near the lighthouse.
fox prints?
After what it felt a long while, the lighthouse towered over us. 
A Common Seal resting by the surf.
We had a picnic at the point proper, and then walked around the point. 
A Grey Seal watching us.
Common Tern at the point.
A seal pup with a puncture would on its neck.
one of the kids found this porpoise skeleton.
Most of the way small parties of Sanderlings were chasing waves by the beach.
Here a mixed flock of Sanderlings, Ringed Plovers and a couple of Dunlin briefly rests by the dunes.
Meadow grasshopper, Chorthippus brunneus.
On the way back we had a vantage point on the dunes that allowed us to appreciate how narrow the spit is. The estuary on the foreground, the open sea in the horizon. Red Admirals were hilltopping on the dunes.
A Wheatear, a common migrant at the point, near the Warren. A lone Swift flew overhead. Many Swallows were passing through.
Curlew resting at high tide.
We arrived back a bit short of 5 pm, tired but elated after the wonderful day at Spurn.
A Painted Lady flew at dusk by the poplar, settling on the leaves for the night.

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