Sunday, 28 August 2016

Spurn trip: Day 1. The Triangle

The kids and me are spending the bank holiday weekend at Spurn, staying at Westmere Farm B&B. We travelled on Sunday morning and were at Spurn by 10 o'clock driving in almost deserted roads through Hull and Holderness. It had rained in the night and it was overcast with a cool breeze. We parked at the Blue Bell car park and walked around the Triangle. The only thing of note at the Borrow Pit was three noisy Little Grebes chasing. It was hard not to step on many snails and slugs on the path. We popped into Canal Scrape hide. A Pied Flycatcher was hunting on the hawthorns opposite. The mudflats on the Humber were much more productive, with many waders on the exposed mud at low tide.
 We had a picnic by the Blue Bell cafe before checking in our accommodation. 
At dusk, I popped next door to Kilnsea Wetlands. A kind birdwatcher pointed to a Wood Sandpiper very close to the path. There were several more waders about.
Common Gull
A perfectly camouflaged Larinioides cornutus on a dry wild carrot seedhead.
A group of Redshank.
Ringed Plover.
The eroding clay cliff.
Merlin (thank you to @Spurnbirdobs and Tim Isherwood for ID) chased by House Martin.
The hoverfly Helophilus pendulus on bristly ox-tongue.
Four Swallow chicks almost ready to fledge in one of the barns at Westmere Farm.
One of the fantastic skies at Spurn.
Kilnsea Wetlands at dusk.
A close view of a Wood Sandpiper.
Young Little Ringed Plover.
Another view of the Wood Sandpiper.
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