Sunday, 13 April 2014

Cold spring day at Honeysuckle farm

I eagerly await the opening of Honeysuckle farm each spring. It is a lovely place to spend a day, not only for the kids, who can spend hours jumping on the hay bales, but for adults alike, especially if you enjoy that rural feel associated to farms. Today it started sunny, but it clouded up and we had only brief sunny spells, with a persistent cool breeze.
 The Woodpigeon at the top shot was sitting atop a hen house, having a rest. It looked most relaxed, closing her eyes every now and then, but also keeping a keen ear, as became alert and stretched her head at a disturbance by the chickens.
One thing I look forward specially is to watch the Yellowhammers, but today they were absent, I didn't hear their song and they weren't around in their usual place. Unusual as well it was that there was no chiffchaff song. We also drew a blank with the water voles.
 There were several butterflies about, a Green-Veined white, a Peacock and a pair of Commas.
A male sparrow chirping from a gutter
This female Greenfinch collected moss for her nest.
Jackdaws like to feed by the cows, they also often perch on the cows back and remove some of the winter coat hair for nest lining.
Lesser Celandine.
Mute Swan
Cuckoo flower, Cardamine pratensis, the first flowers of the year.
A Rook feeding on a field, probably a young from last year judging by the brown tinge of its primaries and lack of shine on its back.

A record shot of a Swallow, who fed on this field with horses and Common Gulls
One of a small flock of Common Gulls
Female House Sparrow
Linnet singing
Green-veined white, 1st of the year.

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