Saturday, 5 April 2014

All aflutter at Snuff Mill Lane

It had been over a year I hadn't visited The morning was mixed, warm sunny spells interrupted by light showers. Many birds were in full song, As I arrived in the car park I heard the song of a Blackcap, my first of the year. Chiffchaffs sung as well. Small Tortoiseshells and Peacocks, slightly more of the former around. 
 A 30 strong flock of Redwing atop a popar surprised me. I thought them already returned to their winter quarters.
 Flower wise the Blackthorn was in full bloom and there were Lesser Celandines, Violets and Butterbur on bloom too.
 A beautiful spring walk on this jewel of a site.
Male Blackcap singing on a sprouting Hawthorn
Male Chiffchaff singing
Small Woodpigeon flock feeding on the grass
I might have been too close to his nest for comfort as this Chaffinch scolded me with his screeching call
Long-tailed tit
Stock dove singing from nest box
Small tortoiseshell feeding on blackthorn flowers
Spot the feeding butterflies on the top shot on this blackthorn
Flowering butterbur
side view of the flower
A brain-like fungus
singing Great tit
A large flock of redwing on poplar. Migrating back?
Blackbird singing
Greenfinch singing

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