Monday, 16 September 2013

Geese and dragonflies at North Cave wetlands

The weather held on in the morning and I quite enjoyed my trip to North Cave Wetlands. The wind wasn't too bad and, although chilly out of the sun, there were quite a few sunny spells. A large flock of Greylags, with a white feral one and a sprinkling of Canada were in charge of the soundtrack, as skeins got excited and flew around the reserve.
 Teal were around in good numbers, with some Shoveler too.
I was quite keen to see the sandpipers. In Island lake there was a Common Sandpiper, walking by the shore and then going back to the starting point. Their Spanish name 'andarrios' (river walkers) suits them beautifully.
A couple of Little Ringed plovers and Meadow Pipits were also present on one of the islands.
At the lee side of Turret hide, dragonflies (Common Darters and Migrant Hawkers) were active. This was also the case in all the sheltered corners of the reserve.
I continued north from Turret hide. On the large patch of Rosebay Willowherb a warbler called 'tu-ee' repeatedly. At a particular time, it sang and its identity was revealed, a Chiffchaff.  On Snipe field, a Wheatear allowed me to approach and I watched it for a while. A large flock of goldfinches with many young fed on the teasels and burdocks by the north hedge.
  There was little to see from Crosslands hide, but for the resting Great Black-backed gull and fishing cormorants on the silt pond.
  In Main Lake, lots of fishing birds. A cormorant, a Kingfisher flying right nest to the hide, and a Little Grebe fishing for its young. I also managed to see a Green Sandpiper, which was often being followed on its restless walk up and down the lake shore by a common Sandpiper.
  Butterfly wise, I saw a few Speckled Woods and a couple of whites, one of them a Green-veined white.
  A small flowering Ivy by the entrance was teeming with wasps and hoverflies, including Eristalis sp. and Myathropa florea.
Migrant hawker
The view from Turret hide
Common Sandpiper
 Male Common Darter
Great, Black-backed gull, BH gulls and Cormorant
The lone Black Swan in Carp Lake
Male Common Darter
Another Migrant Hawker
Little Grebe feeding young
Green Sandpiper
Speckled Wood
Green-veined White
Bird list
  1. Black Swan        
  2.  Black-headed Gull        
  3.  Blackbird        
  4.  Blue Tit        
  5.  Buzzard        
  6.  Canada Goose        
  7.  Carrion Crow        
  8.  Chiffchaff        
  9.  Common Gull        
  10.  Common Sandpiper        
  11.  Coot        
  12.  Cormorant        
  13.  Feral Pigeon        
  14.  Gadwall        
  15.  Goldfinch        
  16.  Great Black-backed Gull        
  17.  Great Crested Grebe        
  18.  Green Sandpiper        
  19.  Greylag Goose        
  20.  House Martin        
  21.  House Sparrow        
  22.  Jackdaw        
  23.  Kestrel        
  24.  Kingfisher        
  25.  Lapwing        
  26.  Little Grebe        
  27.  Little Ringed Plover        
  28.  Magpie        
  29.  Mallard        
  30.  Meadow Pipit        
  31.  Moorhen        
  32.  Mute Swan        
  33.  Pied Wagtail (yarrellii)        
  34.  Pochard        
  35.  Redshank        
  36.  Reed Bunting        
  37.  Robin        
  38.  Rook        
  39.  Shoveler        
  40.  Swallow        
  41.  Teal        
  42.  Tufted Duck        
  43.  Wheatear        
  44.  Woodpigeon     

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