Monday, 2 September 2013

A blustery and short trip to Hornsea Mere

We had a quick trip to Hornsea Mere cut short by the strong wind. The planned boat trip around Swan Island did not happen unfortunately. I decided to put together a belated post, however, as we had great views of the Little Gulls, including an individual in lovely summer plumage.
 There was a large flock of Greylags, now able to fly and a distant group of Mute Swans.
Ringed Black-Headed gull, the numbers 53 are visible on the ring.
Little gull
A sleepy Little Gull in summer plumage
Very long antennae, and large eyes! Several of these caddis-flies (Mystacides longicornis) sat on the car.
Another ringed BH gull, in this one, 64 is visible.
Another Little Gull
Preening time for the Black headed gulls
Just before we left, I spotted this hybrid goose. I had the impression I had seen it somewhere before. When I got home, I checked through my hybrid goose photos and I realised it is likely to be an individual I saw around two years ago in East Park. This is it:
East Park, 23/1/12.
what do you think?

Bird list
  1. Black-headed Gull        
  2.  Canada Goose        
  3.  Carrion Crow        
  4.  Coot        
  5.  Cormorant        
  6.  Gadwall        
  7.  Great Crested Grebe        
  8.  Grey Heron        
  9.  Greylag Goose         
  10.  House Martin        
  11.  House Sparrow        
  12.  Jackdaw        
  13.  Little Gull        
  14.  Mallard       
  15.  Mute Swan        
  16.  Robin        
  17.  Swallow        
  18.  Tufted Duck        
  19.  Woodpigeon  

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