Saturday, 10 November 2012

Snuff Mill Berries

I walked around Snuff Mill Lane this morning. It is a low lying area prone to flooding, so I should have brought my wellies! It was mild, with lots of cloud and the occasional brief sunny spell, and there were lots of insects in the air, including droneflies hovering. I found this lovely Chrysolina polita leaf beetle on the grass.
The Hawthorns, loaded with berries looked absolutely stunning, only to watch them it is worth visiting this site. A number of bird species were enjoying the berries too: Redwings, Blackbirds, Song Thrushes, Magpies, Goldfinches and Woodpigeons. I flushed a male Sparrowhawk, which flew into a tree and then was mobbed by a Magpie and a Kestrel in flight being followed by a rattling Carrion Crow. I heard the Bullfinches in a couple of occasions and spotted a Stock Dove sitting on top of a nest box.

Bird list

  1. Black-headed Gull    
  2. Blackbird        
  3.  Blue Tit        
  4.  Bullfinch        
  5.  Carrion Crow        
  6.  Chaffinch        
  7.  Dunnock        
  8.  Feral Pigeon        
  9.  Goldfinch        
  10.  Great Spotted Woodpecker        
  11.  Great Tit        
  12.  Greenfinch        
  13.  House Sparrow        
  14.  Jackdaw        
  15.  Kestrel        
  16.  Magpie        
  17.  Mallard        
  18.  Redwing        
  19.  Robin        
  20.  Song Thrush        
  21.  Sparrowhawk        
  22.  Starling        
  23.  Stock Dove        
  24.  Woodpigeon        
  25.  Wren     

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