Monday, 26 November 2012

Rain on D res

 My plans to go to Flamborough were thwarted by persistent rain today. So, I decided to pop into Tophill Low instead, and wait in a hide to see if the rain stopped by midday. Many fields were flooded and there was lots of water on the road. Water levels were also quite high on the Beverley and Barmston Drain. Flocks of Blackbirds and Redwings flew away from the car from the berry-laden hedgerows, and Pheasants fed on the edges of the large puddles with corvids and seagulls.
 I waited in the car for a while once in the car park, which is often quite productive, and then moved onto the hide overlooking the D reservoir.
 Water birds do not seem to mind the rain and carry on feeding as normal, and on the plus side it was quite calm so wildfowl were quite visible due to the stillness of the water despite the gloomy clouds. A loose group of Great Black Backed gulls, made of separate pairs, decided to take is as a cue to have a thorough wash and they splashed about on the water.
 There were many duck species, both diving and dabbling - a flotilla of Gadwalls above - plus Coots, and Great Crested Grebe. The unique tinge of a lone male Goosander's body, white with a orangey-pink glow being very distinctive despite the distance.
 A few females and a male Goldeneye were also present.
Given the size of the reservoir and how distant some of the birds are, this is a good site to practice identifying duck species by their general colour combination, like useful 'flags' to tell what country a boat is from.
 A soaking wet Grey Squirrel fed by the walls of the reservoir.
By midday, the rain kept coming, if anything, stronger than before. It was obvious the weather wasn't going to change any time soon, so that ended today's trip. Despite the weather, sitting on the hide birdwatching with a nice cup of thermos coffee was great.

Bird list

  1. Blackbird    
  2. Blue Tit    
  3. Carrion Crow    
  4. Chaffinch    
  5. Coal Tit    
  6. Collared Dove    
  7. Coot    
  8. Gadwall    
  9. Goldeneye    
  10. Goldfinch    
  11. Goosander    
  12. Great Black-backed Gull    
  13. Great Crested Grebe    
  14. Great Spotted Woodpecker    
  15. Great Tit
  16. Greylag Goose    
  17. Herring Gull    
  18. Magpie    
  19. Mistle Thrush    
  20. Moorhen    
  21. Pheasant    
  22. Pochard    
  23. Robin    
  24. Shoveler    
  25. Tufted Duck    
  26. Wigeon    
  27. Woodpigeon

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