Monday, 23 November 2009

East Park

The Chestnut Walk
The weather forecast was sunny for the morning, so I headed off to East Park. Not many people around, some dog walkers, and parents/grandparents with young children. The wildfowl approached us, looking hopeful for a little bread, but they were disappointed.

I hadn't been to the little zoo for a while. The Rheas seemingly bred earlier in the year, and their young were forming a little group of 4, a little taller than a peacock. There was also a young, cream coloured alpaca amongst the grown up ones.

Usual birds for the season. The highlight were three pairs of Goosanders, which kept close to the island, therefore the photos were not great. They were preening and diving.
Mirror Mute Swans
Deer feeding
Feral pigeon enjoying the sun
Black-headed Gulls
Confiding Coot
  1. Crow, there are lots, it is easy to count 10 visible at any one time 
  2. Black-Headed gulls, the most common in the park, everywhere 
  3. Woodpigeons eating on the grass near the trees 
  4. Magpie 
  5. Canada Geese 
  6. Blackbirds feeding in rowan and hawthorn 
  7. Greylags, large flock on the feeding area 
  8. Wren, "Chrrr!" 
  9. Starlings 
  10. Coot, lots about 
  11. Mallards 
  12. Herring Gull immature flying over the lake 
  13. Moorhens, 2 
  14. Tufted Duck 
  15. Swans, pair, swimming with stunning symmetry. 
  16. Blue tit 
  17. GOOSANDERS, 3 males and 3 females, between the island and the bridge. 
  18. Pochard 
  19. Common gull, I see one. 
  20. A duck in the island I cannot ID, with white band on body, likely a Drake Teal 
  21. Collared dove
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