Monday, 7 May 2018

Full spring at North Cliffe Wood

 A Bank Holiday family trip to North Cliffe Wood. It is sunny and very warm. It surprises me that the bluebells are in full bloom. As soon as we arrive I hear a garden warbler singing. I have great views of it, but I hadn't even taken the camera out of my backpack! A Cuckoo starts singing and carries on persistently in several bouts during the walk. By the heathland a Mating pair of tiger beetles and a dragonfly (I assume a Hairy Dragonfly given the time of the year).

Stellaria holostea, greater stitchwort,

Path through North Cliffe Wood.

Young Rowan
I think this is a Hoof fungus Fomes fomentarius

Mating Green Tiger beetles.

Wolf spider Pardosa sp.
 North Cliffe Village
Copiced hazel

Iridescent earthworm.
7-spot ladybird.
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