Thursday, 15 February 2018

A walk around Alkborough

A family trip to Alkborough village and flats. It is sunny with showers, but we manage to avoid the rain. The kids enjoy the rope swing and running around the turf maze. We walk down to the first hide, which is quite busy. A pair of Marsh Harriers glide over the reeds on the wind while a large flock of Barnacle Geese manoeuvres spooked by them perhaps. Pablo takes some photos, including the wonderful Marsh Harrier at the top of the post.
On the way up I have a look at Low Well and there are some water crickets, which I had never seen before. At least five of them very active. 
 We have lunch in The Paddock cafe before heading back home.
Rope swing!
Alkborough Flats view.

Running around the maze.
Turf Maze and the flats.
Getting to the first hide with a rainbow.
Black-tailed godwits, teal and Lapwing.
Lapwing and Teal.
Barnacle Geese.
Tower Hide.
Lone Avocet.
Marsh Harrier.
A group of water crickets, Velia caprai, in Low Wells. A very poor quality rushed photo!
A carpet of Snowdrops. Spring is just around the corner!
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