Saturday, 27 June 2015

A sunny walk at Snuff Mill Lane

I went for a morning walk to Snuff Mill lane. It is usually busy with dog walkers but for an hour and a half I had it all to myself. It was warm and sunny, with an occasional breeze. In the sheltered, nettle-packed entrance to the first field I stumbled across a Four Spotted Chaser and a Large Skipper. Later, on the first field, the first of many Meadow Browns. I was moving slowly, checking for insects and taking photos, and that is probably why I spotted the fox before it spotted me. I watched the top of his head and ears as he trotted down the path towards me. Predictably, as it approached it sensed something was amiss, it stopped, spotted me, and swiftly turned back, and with a couple of bounces it was gone.
 Cheered up by this encounter, I carried on. There were more Meadow Browns and Skippers, and another Four Spot chaser. I went into the second field, everything looking so lush. There were many warblers singing (Chiffchaff, Willow, Whitethroat, Lesser Whitethroat and Blackcap). A kestrel hovered in the distance. A Moorhen called nervously from the pond, probably hiding chicks. There were a few Chimney Sweeper moths, very nervous and hard to photograph on the long grass. Also, a range of bumblebee mimic hoverflies.
 I saw the first people as I was leaving, what a great day at Snuff Mill lane, bliss!
Four Spotted Chaser
Volucella pellucens
View of the first field
Meadow Brown
Male Large Skipper
A flowering honeysuckle
Chimney Sweeper Moth
Eristalis intricarius
Volucella bombylans
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