Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Sunny at East Park

An sunny, mild afternoon spent at East Park with the kids. The highlights were a Grey Wagtail flushed from the middle part of the lake, the presence of the two pinkfeet geese, and a singing Song Thrush. The top shot is one of these images that can only be from East Park: diving Tufted duck, Pochard, Pinkfoot and Greylag preening. A selection of photos follows.
A few Black-headed gulls were advanced in the moulting into summer plumage.
These coots were displaying at (or away from) each other. Most of the time, whey were looking away, with their wings puffed up. Given that the white shield is an aggressive signal, maybe they were courting.
I saw 'White Head' and her partner both at Pearson Park early in the morning and at East Park in the afternoon. He tends to keep a vigilant eye while she feeds.
Swan 775 still on its own.
This Coot seems to have started nest building.
Pinkfoot, one of two in the park today, in the Greylag flock by the feeding station.
A drake Pochard.
A Greylag altercation, with the fighting geese in the middle with heads submerged. Both Pink-feet are on the right.
The Pink-footed geese seem completely integrated in the Greylag flock, I observed no agression, despite they keeping very close to the greylags. Here, one of them celebrates victory with some greylags. This is called, the 'triumph ceremony', when, after an altercation, pairs and attached individuals call together with stretched necks.
After things went back to normal, some geese stretched their wings.
Both Pink-feet were together, but one of them was following a greylag most of the time, with the other on tow.
Both pink-feet look now adult.
This distressed Greylag honked inconsolably, maybe having become separated from his partner.
A female Pochard.

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