Thursday, 30 October 2014

Sunny October at East Park

Armed with bike, skateboards and binoculars I headed to East Park with the kids. The morning had a beautiful light, still and mild conditions, ideal for a walk/ride. There were a few large Greylag flocks around the park. As we arrived, a Sparrowhawk flew past, followed by an angry charm of Goldfinches. Two Pied Wagtails called each other from the opposite shore of the lake.
 I failed to spot the Great Crested Grebes and there was still no sign of Goosanders.
Pied wagtail
Sleeping Tufted ducks
Sleeping Male Pochard
A single Mute Swan was at the feeding stationon the lake. It had a metal ring and a very new yellow ring marked 775. I reported it to Euring and Dan, from the Yorkshire Swan & Wildlife Rescue Hospital replied the following day with this info: ZY8475 - Yellow 775 - 28.08.14 - Adult Male Mute Swan - East Park, Hull (TA 12107 31393). So it appears it was only ringed this August in the park. I will try and keep an eye on it.
Right leg yellow plastic ring 
At the mini zoo, while the kids played with a surprisingly laid back hen, I spotted a Dunnock, basking on a sunny corner by a bench, I was very close, but it took no notice of me.
As we returned to the car, a lovely Grey Wagtail on the rim of the empty model boating lake.

Bird list
  1. Black-headed Gull
  2. Blackbird
  3. Blue Tit
  4. Canada Goose
  5. Carrion Crow
  6. Common Gull
  7. Coot
  8. Cormorant
  9. Dunnock
  10. Feral Pigeon
  11. Goldfinch
  12. Great Tit
  13. Grey Wagtail
  14. Greylag Goose
  15. Herring Gull
  16. House Sparrow
  17. Jackdaw
  18. Long-tailed Tit
  19. Magpie
  20. Mallard
  21. Mistle Thrush
  22. Moorhen
  23. Mute Swan
  24. Pied Wagtail (yarrellii)
  25. Pochard
  26. Robin
  27. Sparrowhawk
  28. Starling
  29. Tufted Duck
  30. Woodpigeon
  31. Wren
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