Friday, 6 June 2014

June in the Wetlands

It felt summery today in the wetlands, and I quite enjoyed showing my parents my favourite patch. Many active invertebrates, with Speckled Wood, whites, Red Admiral and the first Common Blue butterfly of the year (above), dragonflies and a couple of beetles. We were lucky to surprise a cub fox as we were leaving Turret hide, and luckier still to grab a quick record shot. A dead mole and they many usual rabbits completed the mammal count.
The Mediterranean gull checking the nest contents.
Male Common Blue Damselfly
Black-headed gull calling 'kek, kek!' from atop turret hide
They grow so fast! These chicks pestered their parent for food after an entertaining session of flight exercises.
Avocet feeding
The fox cub spying us before running off.
A wet, and very dead mole
Cawing rook. A large mixed flock of Rooks, Crows and Jackdaws fed on the freshly ploughed maize field.
Four spotted chaser. A female was laying eggs on the first dragonfly pond.
Male lapwing with chicks. One of the chicks was stranded in the other side of north path...
...and mummy came brave to the rescue, calling her sad call, showing her chest...
...dragging her wings pretending to be injured, and completely mesmerising us (and making us forget where the chick went)
A Robin and fledgling sunbathing
Female Common Blue damselfy
Pied Wagtail
Little Ringed Plover
The lone black swan.

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