Sunday, 10 November 2013

Wild swans at North Cave

With a day starting so sunny we had to get out this Sunday morning. We headed of to North Cave, where I hoped to see the Whooper Swan family that had been around the reserve for a week or so. The weather didn't disappoint. Although puddles had a thick layer of ice that the kids delighted in breaking with their wellies, by midday the temperature was quite pleasant. We had the usual hide squabbles for the binoculars (note to self: must buy another set or two), but, my eldest had fun taking photos with her mobile, which was a nice surprise. As for birds, we saw the Whooper Swan family on the far end of Reed bed lake. They flew off after a few minutes - they seemed nervous and there were many people around, but we got to see them and another family, both with three young, from Crosslands hide. One of the families was quite close to the hide, with a pair of Mute Swans also present nearby.
 I watched a butterfly (likely a Peacock) flying along the hedgerow in Dryham Lane. After lunch in the Wild Bird Cafe - bacon butties and hot chocolates - moods were much improved, and we watched and photographed a Common Darter on the reserve entrance gate. I guess not much time left for the last dragonflies of the year.
Bright skies from East Hide
Shoveler up-ending and swimming in a circle 
The Whooper family about to take off from Reedbed Lake
 Whooper Swan family
Two young Whooper swans
A very tame female House Sparrow by the Wild Bird Cafe
Male Common Darter basking by the reserve entrance.
A short clip of the Whooper Swan family by Crosslands Hide

Bird list
  1. Black-headed Gull    
  2. Blackbird    
  3. Canada Goose    
  4. Carrion Crow    
  5. Chaffinch    
  6. Common Gull    
  7. Coot    
  8. Cormorant 4   
  9. Dunnock    
  10. Feral Pigeon    
  11. Goldfinch    
  12. Great Crested Grebe 5   
  13. Greylag Goose    
  14. House Sparrow    
  15. Jackdaw    
  16. Kestrel 1   
  17. Lapwing    
  18. Little Grebe    
  19. Mallard    
  20. Meadow Pipit    
  21. Moorhen    
  22. Mute Swan 3   
  23. Pied Wagtail
  24. Pochard    
  25. Robin    
  26. Rook    
  27. Shelduck    
  28. Shoveler    
  29. Snipe    
  30. Starling    
  31. Teal    
  32. Whooper Swan 10   
  33. Wigeon    
  34. Woodpigeon

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