Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Londesborough Park

For a change, I went for a walk in the Wolds this monday. I chose an area of pastures that used to be a deer park, with a lake in the way, with added some interest. The crop had been harvested on the fields and groups of Rooks and Woodpigeons fed on the ground. I spotted a brown rat by a field margin.

Brown Rat
  I walked to the lake, where three young swans fed. On my map there appeared to be a path around the lake, but, although there was a path by the weir, it stopped at the lake shore not far away. Amongst the shore plants, I could see a large flock of Gadwall, moorhens with young, adult swans and a coot. Pheasants fed on the path, and I flushed many more on the walk. As I walked uphill towards the village, I disturbed a Mistle Thrush, who rattled and fled from atop a lime tree. The path was lined by old lime trees, and those missing had recently been replaced by saplings.
View towards the lake 

I arrived at the pretty village of Londesborough and walked on the church grounds. A young, sleepy woodpigeon sat atop a headstone. The feathery remains of another woodpigeon, possibly its sibling lay on the grass a few meters away. Most front gardens had bird feeders and one of them had an amazing range of visiting birds. In a random shot of one feeder I managed to get five species. A woodpigeon was feeding underneath, and a robin sung nearby.
Young woodpigeon.
Another young pigeon had been predated nearby
Dead common shrew on the road. If you click to enlarge, you can probably spot bluebottle eggs on it.
Can you spot the five species?
On the way back, two distant Buzzards frolicked over a plantation on a ridge. A Grey Heron landed far from water on a oil rape field.
Grey Heron
Bird list
  1.  Black-headed Gull    
  2. Blackbird    
  3. Blue Tit    
  4. Carrion Crow    
  5. Chaffinch    
  6. Collared Dove    
  7. Common Gull    
  8. Coot 1   
  9. Curlew    
  10. Gadwall   
  11. Goldfinch    
  12. Great Black-backed Gull
  13. Great Tit    
  14. Greenfinch    
  15. Grey Heron   
  16. House Sparrow    
  17. Jackdaw    
  18. Linnet    
  19. Mistle Thrush   
  20. Moorhen
  21. Mute Swan
  22. Pheasant
  23. Robin
  24. Rook    
  25. Skylark   
  26. Swallow  
  27. Tree Sparrow    
  28. Woodpigeon
  29. Wren
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