Monday, 15 July 2013

Butterflies, dragonflies and birds at North Cave Wetlands

What a difference to my trip two weeks ago to the wetlands. Today it was very hot, butterflies, dragonflies and grasshoppers - with many other invertebrates - were active. I saw several birds panting, and a blackbird and a sedge warbler sunbathing.
 I finally caught up with the Corn Bunting (above). As I approached the north path I heard its jingly song and flushed it. I relocated it at the top of the hedge, singing again, and managed some shots. 
There were many dragonfly species around the maize field and dragonfly ponds, of some I couldn't get a photo of, but I think I saw an Emperor Dragonfly cruising about.
There was still a Common Tern on a nest by Crosslands Hide, looking like it was turning eggs.
After the walk around the reserve it was a relief to sit on the cool south hide for lunch, and watch the diving little grebes and the constant mobbing of the Common Terns (a pair had two grown chicks on the raft) to the Black Headed gulls. A few mute swans and a lone back swan were also in Main Lake.
Meadow brown
a very battered Peacock on ragwort
Small Skipper
The youngest black headed gull chicks I saw today, on Island Lake
Young Shelduck resting
Avocet and chick in Island Lake
Small Tortoiseshell
Elder, rosebay willowherb and ragwort blooming by the maize field
The first silver Y of the year
Male black-tailed skimmer
Four spot chaser
A Small Tortoiseshell resting on pondweed
A distant shot of a Broad Bodied chaser
and of Mating Azure damselflies
Water lilies
Avocet chick in Reedbed lake
mystery bird
Sedge Warbler sunbathing
Speckled Wood
Great Crested Grebe 
Little Grebe Diving
Little Grebe
Reed Bunting singing on the North Hedge

Small Tortoiseshell
Meadow Brown, pair mating.
Small Skipper

Dragonflies & damselflies
Black-tailed skimmer
Four-Spotted chaser
Broad-bodied chaser
Azure damselfly, pair mating.
Common blue damselfly

  1. Avocet        
  2.  Black Swan        
  3.  Black-headed Gull        
  4.  Blackbird        
  5.  Carrion Crow        
  6.  Common Tern        
  7.  Coot        
  8.  Cormorant        
  9.  Corn Bunting        
  10.  Curlew        
  11.  Dunnock        
  12.  Feral Pigeon        
  13.  Gadwall        
  14.  Goldfinch        
  15.  Great Crested Grebe        
  16.  Great Tit        
  17.  Green Woodpecker        
  18.  Greenfinch        
  19.  Greylag Goose        
  20.  House Martin        
  21.  House Sparrow        
  22.  Jackdaw        
  23.  Kestrel        
  24.  Lapwing        
  25.  Lesser Whitethroat        
  26.  Linnet        
  27.  Little Grebe        
  28.  Magpie        
  29.  Mallard        
  30.  Moorhen        
  31.  Mute Swan        
  32.  Oystercatcher        
  33.  Pied Wagtail        
  34.  Pochard        
  35.  Reed Bunting        
  36.  Reed Warbler        
  37.  Robin        
  38.  Rook        
  39.  Sand Martin        
  40.  Sedge Warbler        
  41.  Shelduck        
  42.  Shoveler        
  43.  Song Thrush        
  44.  Starling        
  45.  Swift        
  46.  Tufted Duck        
  47.  Whitethroat        
  48.  Woodpigeon     
  49. Wren
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