Sunday, 27 January 2013

Big Garden Birdwatch 2013

I wasn't prepared for the Big Garden Birdwatch at all this morning. I hadn't filled the feeders, I hadn't cleaned the window panes to see clearly, I hadn't locked the cat in, I hadn't even decided I was going to do it. Yes, the hanging feeder happened to be quite full as our regular flock of sparrows appears to have deserted us, but the roof of the feeder on the bird table had collapsed in the night under the weight of the snow, and it was blocking access to the seeds, and the windows, lit by the low winter sun, looked filthy. At least the cat was dozing by the radiator. I had just finished my morning coffee and distractedly glanced at the garden. There was an odd bird on the bird table... a female blackcap! could that be? I hadn't seen a blackcap in the garden for years. I dashed for the camera. When I returned the bird was gone. Was I hallucinating? No, the Blackcap was sitting on the apple tree (above) and promptly moved back to the bird table. I was able to take a few shots, when a robin dashed in, both birds had a quick squabble and the Blackcap flew away. Well, this was the start of my hour bird watching. I stood there by the conservatory window and watched our average assortment of garden birds come and go for an hour. Fun!
The star of the show, female Blackcap
Dunnock hiding under the garden table
and the appearance of a cat put an end to the Big Garden Birdwatch 2013

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