Sunday, 7 October 2012

A Walk in the Wolds

We decided to have an afternoon walk around Nunburnholme, walking up Bratt Wood following the Wolds Way and returning in a circular way though a linear, but ancient forest patch east of it. A calm sunny afternoon. A flock of seagulls follows a tractor on the fields, and we flush several groups of Pheasant. A few crows mob a Buzzard over the hill, and as we are returning we see a lone Red Kite below us on the valley.
We see a single Dragonfly flying high around the trees, possibly a Migrant Hawker.

A glider flying over
Path signs
Path up Bratt Wood
 Flock of sheep
The shine of gossammer

In the woods, Plaited Door Snails, Cochlodina laminata (above)rest very obviously on beech tree trunks with White Lipped snails. This door snail is a species typical of ancient woodland.

Gossammer covers ploughed fields and a meadow with a surreal white glow. The tiny money spiders cling to the edge of this delicate silk shroud in the hope that the wind will disperse them away (below).

A Red Kite in the middle of the photo

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