Monday, 7 May 2012

Hornsea Mere

After the obligatory visit to Honeysuckle farm, we pop in Hornsea Mere to feed the ducks. There are several greylag families with goslings of various sizes, and a family of Canada goose. I spot a Chinese swan geese and a few domestic goose, and amongst the geese a beautiful small goose stands out (above photo, on the left). It has a small pink and black beak, a rounded head and a mainly white plumage, with brown-grey wings. It is apparently a Ross' by Barnacle hybrid (thank you @eyorksbirding for ID!). There is also a Canada x Greylag hybrid and a Black swan. Some internet searches revealed that there was a couple of Black Swans last year, but I only saw one.
  There was a rain of Sand Martins chirruping over the lake, chasing each other playfully, skimming the water, mixing with some Swallows and House Martins. They are too fast and wonderful to watch to take photos!
Canada pair and goslings
Three geese. The one on the left is the Barnacle x Ross' goose hybrid
Another view of the cute hybrid goose
Female Pied Wagtail
This pair of Mute Swans had a balletic swim around, turning to face the strong wind.
Canada pair and goslings
A gang of Jackdaws by the lake shore
Black Swan
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