Thursday, 12 April 2012

Dawn chorus at Noddle Hill

 We joined a Yorkshire Wildlife trust event early this morning to witness the spring dawn chorus at Noddle Hill. Even as we got in the car, Blackbirds and Blue Tits were already singing in our street. The morning was fine, luckily the drizzle had stopped by the time we got there. The dawn chorus was well underway at Noddle Hill: Blackbird, Robin, Wren and Great Tit singing at 5:30.
More and more birds joined in as we walked through the reserve, including the recently arrived summer migrants Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler and Blackcap.

We had good views of a pair of Roe Deer, which we had previously heard barking.
Our highlight was a Barn Owl, which we saw twice hunting on the reserve at the same time a Kestrel was hovering.
The cute factor was provided by three pairs of geese with goslings, which seems a bit early to me.
Thanks to Helen Holford and Tony Martin from YWT for a wonderful morning!

 My poor record shot of a barn owl
Pair of Roe Deer on the fields
A view of the reserve
Greylag family
The cute goslings

Bird list

  1. Barn Owl
  2. Blackbird
  3. Blackcap
  4. Carrion Crow
  5. Chaffinch
  6. Chiffchaff
  7. Collared Dove
  8. Coot
  9. Dunnock
  10. Great Tit
  11. Greylag Goose
  12. Kestrel
  13. Lesser Black-backed Gull
  14. Linnet
  15. Magpie
  16. Mallard
  17. Meadow Pipit
  18. Moorhen
  19. Pheasant
  20. Red-legged Partridge
  21. Robin
  22. Skylark
  23. Song Thrush
  24. Starling
  25. Tawny Owl
  26. Willow Warbler
  27. Woodpigeon
  28. Wren
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