Saturday, 14 January 2012

Frosty walk around Oak Road Playing Fields

 After weeks of mild weather we woke up to a sharp frost and headed to Oak Road Playing Fields for a winter walk. The frost had dusted the fields and ice had formed on the shady side of the fishing lake, where Black-headed and common gulls didn't mind the low water temperature. Coots, mallards, tufted ducks and three Gadwalls completed the lake birds.
Gorse flowering
Frosty grass
Tufted duck pair
View of the fishing lake

Bird list
  1. Black-headed Gull 
  2. Blackbird 
  3. Blue Tit 
  4. Carrion Crow 
  5. Common Gull 
  6. Coot 
  7. Cormorant 
  8. Gadwall 
  9. Goldfinch 
  10. Great Spotted Woodpecker 
  11. Great Tit 
  12. Greenfinch 
  13. Herring Gull 
  14. Lesser Black-backed Gull 
  15. Long-tailed Tit 
  16. Magpie 
  17. Mallard 
  18. Robin 
  19. Tufted Duck 
  20. Woodpigeon 
  21. Wren
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