Monday, 25 July 2011

Tenfoot jam

Hull blackberries are starting to reach peak season. Bramble flowers were fertilised by butterflies, bumblebee and bees, and have now become juicy blackberries ready to enjoy, either raw or made into tangy jam. We went to the tenfoot behind our house and found a large patch. With the help of a chair to reach the higher ones, we collected half a kg. in a few minutes. Blackberry jam is easy to make and is delicious, only needs a little patience with the stirring.
Ingredients: washed blackberries (weigh them), the same amount in sugar and a lemon. 
Mix the berries with the sugar, squeeze the juice of the lemon and grate the rind and put everything on a pan. 
Set the gas to low and stir continuously until the mixture bubbles with some effort - when it starts spitting bits around is time to stop, it might take from half an hour to 45 min. Then you pour it immediately into jars. 
You might need some help as the stirring is a bit tiresome!
Helpers can also make labels, yes, those are blackberries!
Sterilise some jars using boiling water or a steam steriliser. Once the jam is done pour it into the jars while boiling hot and close the lids tight.
tenfoot jam, yum!
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