Monday, 2 May 2011

May in Potteric Carr

We visit Potteric Carr for the first time today. It is the flagship Yorkshire Wildlife Nature Reserve, the largest, ca. 200 ha. There are and several marked paths and has a diversity of habitats, with an emphasis on wetlands, including woodland, meadows, reed beds, ponds, marsh and scrapes. The paths are well surfaced and there are many hides around the main wetlands. Today we walk around the green marked path, a family friendly route, just over 2 km long and have a little detour to Piper Marsh on the red route. We see many butterflies, blue damselflies (Azure and Blue tailed) and a Four Spot Chaser.
There are red Campion and carpets of wild strawberries and the White Dead Nettle is in full bloom, especially near Sedum House. The views across the hides are wonderful with the old golden reed heads over the new growth. Being a Bank Holiday it is quite busy, but we still managed 33 species of bird for the day, the highlight being the pair of Kingfishers in Piper Marsh (above), getting in a hole in the bank of one of the islands.
Male Blue-tailed damselfly, Ischnura elegans
Courting Green Veined White butterflies, the female kept her abdomen well raised, a sign of non-receptivity. After a few tries, the male flew away.
Moorhen feeding chick
A Four Spot Chaser, Libellula quadrimaculata
Mother Drain
A wolf spider
View of Willow Marsh
View of Decoy Marsh

Speckled Wood, at least 5 individuals.
Green-Veined white, many, pair courting.
Red Admiral settles near the cafe.
Orange tip male

  1. Black-headed gull. Nesting in Decoy Marsh.
  2. Woodpigeon
  3. Lapwing. Goole.
  4. Jackdaws, confiding pair breeding in a nest box Sedum House
  5. Wren singing
  6. Goldfinches, very apparent today. A pair feeding on dandelions.
  7. Magpie
  8. Great tit, singing and in the feeders of the visitor center
  9. Pheasant
  10. Chaffinch
  11. House martins
  12. Mallards
  13. Coots, with chicks
  14. Shelduck, 2 pairs
  15. Black cap several singing
  16. Chiffchaff singing
  17. Crow
  18. Tufted duck, in several of the marshes.
  19. Swan, pair in decoy Marsh.
  20. Moorhen, with chick in Field Centre
  21. Dunnock, singign, Field Centre
  22. Blackbird chicks
  23. Canada Goose Piper Marsh
  24. Shoveler Piper Marsh
  25. Sand Martins flying over Piper Marsh
  26. KINGFISHER Piper Marsh. Pair entering the island bank.
  27. Gadwall. Piper Marsh
  28. Willow Warbler singing
  29. Starling in the feeder in the visitor center
  30. Sparrow home
  31. Rook, road
  32. Greenfinch home
  33. Collared dove home
Potteric Carr. The site of the friends of Potteric Carr. Lots of updated info about sightings, species lists, detailed descriptions about the walks and more.
Yorkshire Wildlife Site.

Location map

View Wild at Hull Google Map in a larger map
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